I feel that I need to preface this by saying that we’re responsible pet owners, and we would never, ever, harm or mistreat an innocent creature.

We have, however, been known to find great entertainment and fun in watching their confusion and frustration.

(Much of the above could be said about us as parents, too, come to think of it.)

Karl has a cool new fishtank. I like it. It makes me yearn a wee bit to have one of our own again. Whenever I’m in a pet store, I have to be very careful not to get seduced back into the land of aquariums. I’ve come close at times, just looking at all the accessories, and tanks, and fish, and imagining the therapeutic minature worlds of living art that I could create… 

… but luckily I snap back to reality and remember how damned much work and money it all is.

But this… THIS I WANT:

Birdcage inside a fish tank

bird cage in a fish tank

Except I’d have to modify it to have a cat cage inside the bird cage inside the fish tank. It would drive our little mopheaded kitten absolutely bonkers. Of course, we’d set it all up beside the dog crate, so our mutt could watch her little buddy go nuts and join in the fun.

The circle of life, people – the circle of life.